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MT4 supports automated trading
Automate your metatrader trading strategies with MT4 Expert Advisors and never miss a trading opportunity again. With your MT4 EAs activated you no longer have to constantly monitor the market and your positions; your Expert Advisor robots will do the job for you.

Non-Restrictive Access

A MetaTrader4 Expert Advisor (EA) is an automated trading tool, easily loaded into your MT4 trading account. Fully customizable, your MT4 EA can be adapted to suit all trading strategies and risk appetites.

Hantec Markets’ MT4 platform comes packed with a number of popular EAs that can easily be activated. There are many third parties that sell MT4 EAs which can be integrated into our MT4 platform. Please note that Hantec Markets cannot guarantee the success of any metatraderExpert Advisor and EAs are activated and followed at the trader’s own risk. We strongly advise that any MT4 EA is thoroughly back-tested before applied in a live environment, and even then its performance cannot be guaranteed.

You can trade any instrument on the Hantec Markets MT4 platform with your EAs, including Forex, Bullion .and CFDs. There are no restrictions to the use of Expert Advisors on Hantec Markets’ MT4 platform apart from unethical trading where strategies are programmed to specifically scalp or take advantage of latency prices.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to qualify for Expert Advisor hosting you will require a minimum account balance of $1,000

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Why Expert Advisors Are Popular 

There are few things more attractive than having your money make money for you. Naturally, this would happen if your invested capital in the market was being used to open positions and the gains were either withdrawn or used to open eventually larger positions that could potentially make even more money for you. With an expert advisor, there are often a handful of simple binary rules (yes/no) that trigger a trade to open and/or close. Read more about forex trading for beginners.

Combined with the appeal of passive investing are the bold claims made by creators and marketers of expert advisors. Because of their small slice of the retail investment world, the regulatory control has failed to cover Expert Advisor marketing. However, over the years, we’ve seen an aggressive push of Expert Advisors that offer to sell a system with returns that would make hedge funds envious for a small fee of usually a few hundred dollars.

Traders Beware 

Remember that there is no such thing as a free lunch and that Hedge Funds have shut down at near record pace this year because they are unable to beat the indices which have averaged less than 10% per annum on an inflation-adjusted basis.

If the Expert Advisors delivered what many claim to deliver, hedge fund managers could put their funds to work in an Expert Advisor and all their concerns would be fixed. Alas, it’s not this easy. Trading involves finding risk-adjusted trades with an appropriate trade size, managing the opening trade well, and closing the trade at an appropriate time. Open MT4 (metatrader 4 login).

It would be easy to look at the rise of quantitative funds and high-frequency funds and think that Expert Advisors are a derivative of these advanced funds, but often their execution and rules are far too simple to be in the same game as the professional systems that have risen to fame.

Traders should beware that the promises of these systems are not under regulatory control, and therefore the claims often try and strike a balance of hope and credibility. There are some good systems out there, and some traders achieve year over year gains using systems that trade automatically, but their returns are more in line with high-single/ low-double-digit returns as opposed to the astronomical returns that some Expert Advisors claim.

Here as ever, buyer beware and don’t hesitate to trade the expert advisor on a practice account for a few months before letting real capital be managed by a trading fx.

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Картинки по запросу expert advisor